Yes Kid Cudi, We Are Easily Amused By Mediocrity

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In wake of the premiere of Drake and Future's collaborative album What A Time To Be Alive, Kid Cudi tweeted:

Of course it was viewed as a subliminal diss and did not sit well with just about everybody. Whether it was a shot at WATTBA -- which it probably was -- or just a random observation, Cudi does have a point.

Most of social media has celebrated Dirty Sprite 2 more than To Pimp A Butterfly. And while everyone was bumping "Trap Queen" last year, nobody was acknowledging Logic's Under Pressure (best rap album of 2014, don't debate me). Unfortunately mainstream music will always have the upper hand over real art.

Mainstream is full of mediocre artists and music; but this is the music that is played the most and has a stronger hold on the masses. People listen to popular music to be entertained. Artists like Drake and Future are here to entertain as opposed to being insightful and empowering.

I don't care what anyone says, no ones listens to conscious rap all day. At some point they will turn on "March Madness" and dabb in their cubicle.

We need this balance between mainstream mediocrity and underground brilliance. Imagine if there wasn't a Fetty Wap, Young Thug, or Rich Homie Quan? Surely you can't picture hearing "The Blacker the Berry" in the club.

By no means am I saying that conscious rap and "pure" hip-hop is any less entertaining than popular music. All, sub-genres (for lack of a better adjective) are needed in hip-hop culture.

So yes, Kid Cudi, some are easily amused by so-called subpar music. However it is not from them being naive and having a lack of appreciation for real artistry. Instead it is because they find these artists and songs to be entertaining. Whether something is middling is completely subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I just hope, since he's doing all this talking, Speedin' Bullet to Heaven is Cudi's best work.