YesJulz Is Taking A Turn Into Radio

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JulieannaYesJulz Goddard, is mostly known as Miami’s premier party host and "Snapchat Queen". She is now taking a turn into a very new medium: Radio. While flying between states, throwing her infamous “1AM Vibes" and watching the throne, this "it girl" is busy building her brand-new radio station called 1AM Radio, which debuted online August 2 on DJ Skee’s Dash Radio.


DJ Skee, recognized Goddard’s potential and decided that a 1 hour time slot wasn’t enough. And with an infectious personality like Julz, we agree. The show, dubbed "1AM Radio" will consist of various blocks of original content including her own podcast, Never Not Working, and wavy sets mixed by her choice of eclectic DJs.

This radio station is for everyone who crave a different sound, ditching traditional radio to hear music that fuels an experience. Julz told Miami New Times,

“I’m so excited. This is something I can build with my friends, so it’s not just a ‘YesJulz’ thing but an ‘us’ thing. It’s a station for us, by us... It's music we want to hear. There’s no politics or whack song on there because somebody got a check for it. We are the gatekeepers. We’re controlling it.”

The segment will also introduce new music, as it provides a platform for breaking music. Julz allows it's curators the freedom to be on the move and have their very own radio station without limitations. Check it out! It's for the music lovers looking for exclusivity.