You'll Die Laughing at This 'Family Feud' Answer

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This man was being brutally honest. And to be completely frank, we absolutely understand why. Not because we're taking sides, but due to the truth embedded in his motive to getting the highest point for his answer.

Family Feud host Steve Harvey asked the family contestant:

"Name the last thing you stuck your finger in..."

Pondering intently to himself, a light bulb went off and this contestant answered proudly.

"My Wife!"

This answer not only shut down the audience with uncontrollable laughter, but Steve Harvey couldn't keep his composure straight. "I've gotten alot of crazy answers on this show, but thus far, this is my favorite one." says Harvey laughing in a jokingly manner. "Don't do it again."

No feelings were hurt on stage as the wife seemed completely cool with her husband's answer. Hey, it wasn't like he was lying. 

Check this funny video out for yourself, and be sure to leave your thoughts below in our comment section.