Young M.A. finds herself a the center of some controversial mess after a promoter accuses her of skipping out on a performance in New Orleans while keeping the money for the show. He states that not only did she stiff her fans, but ran off with $33,000 too. 

When asked about the incident, Winston posted a video on Instagram saying the following: 

  “Young M.A. had a nasty attitude the whole time,” Winston says. “I called her about my back end because she didn’t show. She ran to the airport with her management team. They stop answering the phone.” After posting his first video seen above, he gathered up a few of his gun-toting associates and they proceed to threaten M.A. “My hood pissed off, M.A.,” Winston says. “We want our f*cking money!”  

Young M.A. caught wind of the social media slandor and responded: 

  “I just want to give a shout out to all my supporters,” she says. “Please don’t believe everything you see in the media. God knows. That’s all.”   

Winston didn't stop there, releasing a diss song directed at Young M.A., going as far as using the instrumental to her song. You can listen to the track below as we wait to see both parties resolve the issue.