What Young Thug's Cover Art Means for a Gender Fluid Society

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Young Thug released his "Jeffrey" mixtape on Thursday and the cover has been the topic of conversation for its gender fluidity. The rapper can be seen donning a long, ruffled, lavender Huate Couture gown designed by Italian designer Alessandro Trincone for his 'Annodami' collection. While many praised the Rich Gang member for his outfit for moving the culture forward through blurring gender roles, Young Thug has become a trending topic on twitter, but not for good reason.

Jaden Smith  has also been receiving backlash for his gender-less take on fashion. The rapper-actor has also been seen wearing dresses, skirts and nail polish to usher in the new wave of a gender fluid society. The question is are millennials becoming more accepting of alternative lifestyles? Or is it just a fad that can only be executed by the elite?

When I was in high school, gender fluidity was not the norm. Those labeled as 'queer' were targets of brutal violence and harassment. There was no foresight into what would be a cultural fad or phenomenon: androgyny and gender fluidity. But, then there were icons like RuPaul who ushered in the era of drag and the vibrant, carefree imagery that accompanied the art form. Since then, there has been a drought of sorts. Jaden and Young Thug are two of many who see the the world through a non-binary lens, fostering the idea that people, male or female can be who they want. This includes how they dress and more importantly, what their style of clothing represents on a larger scale in society. Ultimately, it creates the ideology that people can exist outside of gender blueprints.

For Hip Hop, this is revolutionary for the culture and aspiring rappers who may not identify with the 'face' of rap. Tattoos, jerseys, boots and gold chains will no linger suffice as the facade of rap music. now rappers can truly be free, homosexual or heterosexual. The focus is the music and the art form which incorporates fashion so seamlessly. Thank you Young Thug for moving us forward. But i return to my previous question: Is gender fluidity just a fad? Who benefits? And are the elite the only ones protected from the negative consequences?

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