Your Furniture BAPE Dreams Have Now Come True

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BAPE has been playing around with this pattern for clothing for years. It's latest offering is a line of living room furniture with the collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Karimoku. BAPE has been the staple to so many artists style over the years. Many can say that once you purchase a piece of BAPE clothing that you are instantly hooked. Which is true.


Each piece comes in three different color varieties: a standard military green, a bright blue, and a neon magenta/pink. The pieces in question are three different varieties of sofa: a one-seater, a loveseat, and a 3-seat sofa. But before you think of you how you want your man cave to be designed, have fun trying to purchase a piece of furniture. Because the furniture line is currently only sold through BAPE Gallery Kyoto, which means a shipping fee across the Pacific Ocean for any interested buyers.


But if you are interested in the BAPEKarimoku furniture collection you can go to the online store.