Zak Tebbal Recreates Kanye's "Bound 2" as a Children's Book

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This is alot better than the "The Book of Yeezus".

So much so, we wouldn't mind reading this story to our kids before bedtime.

The question is, would you lay your kids down with the story of "Bound 2" before night-night?

New York-based graphic designer and illustrator Zak Tebbal presents Bound 2Gether, a children’s book translation of Kanye West’s “Bound 2.”


This book completely nails it. From the fat rolls on the back of Ye's neck, to Kim Kardashian's new revamped image. Haha... no, were just joking on that one.

But all in all, this story really does make sense and in turn, we actually have to pay it props.

The bigger question remains, will North West be told this story before nap time?

Probably not. lol. But hey, it's worth a mention.