Artist Spotlight: Brett Steinberg

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The world needs to hear the voice and sounds of Brett Steinberg.

Brett Steinberg is a singer/songwriter/musician who's from
Conecticut. He writes piano driven pop/rock songs that graces
love, hope, fear and everything in between. Having musical
influences from the likes of Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green,
We The Kings among the others that can be refrenced. We get a
bit of John Mayer in his style as well. HYPEFRESH® got to chat it
up with this upcoming artist on his new music, his history and
upbringing in music and his lead single off the project,

"I started in 8th grade... honestly, music wasn't really my
thing. I was heavy into baseball then. There was an opening
in my school, at the time for the daily National Anthem singer,
and my mom pressured me into giving it a shot. I didn't think
I would be good at it.. but surprisingly, I was. I developed
a passion for singing from this point, and that love grew
into songwriting, composing and learning the in's and outs of
music. And with that was also getting comfortable in performing
in front of people. Once I became accustomed to these skill sets,
everything involving music became effortless."

Steinberg focused a majority of his time and creative energies
curating his newest project, "Age of Wonder" which in our opinon,
is a musical gem delivered to the world. He opened up a bit
about the behind the scenes process in the creation of "Age Of


"This album is very unique for me. The creative process of making it
was very interesting as well. Most of the songs started on the
keyboard, and then I went into writing immediately
afterwards. I also sat down with the guitar and composed around
the lyrics... I spent a countless number of hours in the studio
just making sure that the music was on point and spot on with
the direction I wanted to take it. My main focus was on the style
of production that provoked a certain kind of feeling... And I
feel that I accomplished that for this project."

And not mentioning the writing process, which took Brett to
new heights in his approach this go around.

"The writing process for AOW took more time than others...
I used a hybrid method of writing that differentiated itself from
previous songs that i've done. I lived life first before
I composed the lyrics, and put different experiences i've been
through in each song. Every track is derived from different
moments in my life, and represent true reflections of my past."

His newest single, "Serendipity" speaks on a topic bigger than
Brett's body. The process of this record came from new methods
of the creative process.

"This record captures what I want out of life. Not always
having things set in stone as well as being conventional.
Figuring life out as you go, while remaing positive."

"The writing process? The word Seredipity triggered a few things
in me. Beauty mixed with a sense of tradgedy. This record also
shares a sense of hope, realisitic hope that is. The song talks
about the story of those people who lose an innocence,
and a sense of beauty to the world. I wanted to express to people
not to lose hope in these days in times, and to hold on to the
innocence and perceptions they once had as a kid. Ultimately
making these moments in their life's perception better than the
reality of it."

You can pre-order Steinberg's new album "Age Of Wonder" by clicking the album art below, which is due November 2014.