Hey young world.. the world is yours

The new year always ushers in a new wave of talent, and Raliegh rap act MaDrique is no exception to this growing norlmacy. 

Connecting with fellow D.O.C. Music Group recording artist Donovan McCray, the skilled emcee gracefully glides over some trunk rattling production compliments of Majestik with his debut offering "The World Iz Yours," making this debut one to remember.

Upon the release of his primitive work, HypeFresh contributing writer Niyah Nel had the opportunity to exchange brief dialogue with MaDrique. Tune in below to stream the record and peep their conversation:

Photo Taken By Sabrina Vaz-Holder

Photo Taken By Sabrina Vaz-Holder

Tell us a little bit about MaDrique as an artist. What’s his story?

 MaDrique is a 26 year old recording artist from Raleigh, North Carolina. He’s the creator and founder of Dreams of Children Music Group & Dreams of Children Clothing along with partner Majest1k. I’m a brother, I’m a son, I’m a stand up guy with morals and values. I believe I’m an over all good person or at least I try to be. MaDrique on the music end? I’m a perfectionist, a workaholic, I’m a visionary, I’m a go getter! I do what ever it takes to get the job done. I’ve been laying the ground work for many years; perfecting my sound, perfecting my craft doing what ever it takes to separate myself from the rest. Thats who MaDrique is!

Being an artist from Raleigh, NC, there isn’t really a distinct sound you can say you’ve been raised by concerning your demographic. Talk about being a Hip-Hop artist coming from where you’re from

Being an artist coming from North Carolina is cool. I love it actually! Like you said, we really don’t have that distinct sound, its a mixture of a lot of sounds and cultures. We are a lot of everything! We just soak up game. Many people settle here from other places. That also helps you create your own sound. That sound you really wanna make. I can speak for myself, my family is from up North, so I grew up between the North and the South. I have both cultures mixed within me, that also influences the way I dress, the way I talk, the way I move and carry myself. I like to consider my music a mixing bowl. You can get a little trap, a little boom bap, lyrical rap, even a little bit of neo soul. You can get everything in my music. So, over all, growing up in NC has been a blessing to even make music and say I’m from there. 

With “The World Iz Youz” serving as your official debut, coming into this game, what is it that you’re looking to accomplish as an artist?

Like all artist, we all have this long list of things we wish to accomplish. A few of the major things I want to do is create that platform to tell my story, create that avenue to heal and help others. Most importantly, I want to entertain and be respected as a lyricist. I want to not be the only one, but one of the many voices for the city I’m from and show people that if you stick to your goals and do what you gotta do, you can really make this thing happen. 

Is there a particular message you wanted fans to take away from with your debut?

Yeah, of course! Writing this record alone was therapy for myself. It’s just me telling myself like, “Yo, no matter what bro the world is yours.” When I got the hook from Don, It automatically spoke to me in that way. So for my listeners, I want them to take away the fact that no matter what you go through, no matter how mad you get, no matter how wrong anybody do you, no matter what you do, always remember that the world is yours. You control your happiness, your destiny, your freedom ... don’t let no one trick you out of your passion! Whenever you’re down or feel bad, always tell yourself that the world is yours, the world is mine! I got this. As far as on the Rap end, I’m trying to let these boys know I ain’t playing with them this go around (laughing). I’m taking what’s mine.


Cover art is really important in the climate of culture we’re currently living in. Describe some of the elements of the artwork for your debut single

Artwork is definitely important in the times we’re living in. I know a lot of times when I create artwork I feel like it has to be good enough that when people strolling down them blogs they have to be like “Yo what is this?” Your artwork has to make you want to listen to the music so I knew when going into this artwork, I knew it had to be something like that. I worked with the photographer Aaron Dee out of Virginia. We was In New York, linked up for the first time and created the pictures. The photo wasn’t originally for the art work but when we finally picked what song we was gonna release, that picture spoke to me the most. I knew I wanted to be creative so we reached out to my guy Ruben Rodriguez, a Graphic Designer out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We really just wanted to give it a grunge aggressive feel but just enough that it looked cool and still creative. I believe we got the message across. You see ‘the world iz yourz’ going in a circle around me representing the world. Even down to what I’m wearing. You see the Nautica, the Carolina blue uptempos. So myself, my partner Majest1k, Aaron and Ruben played this part in creating this amazing art work y’all see today and it represents me, my message, my style, the era I’m in.

Random Question: what’s a Hip-Hop lyric that has always stuck with you and why?

One hip hop lyric? Right off back, I can’t tell you a hiphop lyric cause there’s so many that mean a lot. But I can tell you one song and that’s “Not Enough” from Little Brother off ‘The Minstrel Show.' Just that overall message I can relate to within myself because chasing this thing and trying balance a relationship, family, even your own personal life and making all that stuff sync together and making everybody happy be having you ask yourself “What more do you want from me?” “Is this not enough?” “Is me calling and checking up not enough?” “Is me coming by during Christmas not enough?” Even on a music end, to have people saying “yea MaDrique you working hard but you need to do it like this or you need to make these type of records…” I’m like bro, is what I’m doing not enough for you? So every time I hear that song it speaks to me on a personal level. So since we talking lyrics, you can say the lyrics in that song stuck with me (laughing).

What can we expect from you as the remainder of 2018 pans out?

What you can expect from me is more music, visuals, shows, other creative projects outside of music. We are currently locked in throwing in the finishing touches on my new album. Just being me, re-introducing Madrique and telling y’all my story. I am giving y’all my time, giving y’all my energy, and 2018 will pan out really well. The world is mine. 

Want to leave the fans with anything?

Yea I just want to tell my supporters that’s been supporting me since the beginning and the ones current to stay inspired, keep hustling, and don’t let nobody knock you off your course. Don’t give up on your dreams, keep working hard! Everything Is temporary... nothing last forever and just be you! Be yourself. Above all keep working.

I also wanna say thank you for the support, thank you for your time, and thank you guys, HFM, for this Interview it means a lot. Thank You!