EXCLUSIVE: Chill Moody Talks Name Change, The Evolution of his rap Style and Finding His Niche

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On Wednesday, October 27, 2016, Chill Moody sat down with Sofiya Ballin at Temple University for an exclusive interview that delves into an array of topics. Chill discusses his many name changes, his initial rap style and finding his unique lyrical content and niche in Hip-Hop. Staged in front of eager college students, the interview is not your typical conversation. It is void of superficial, surface level ideas. Rather, it is one of those rare and honest moments with an artist that transcends the traditional structure of an interview, allowing the audience to experience the refreshingly brilliant mind of an artist and cultural purveyor like Chill. 


Check out the clip above and stay tuned for Part 2 of the our exclusive sit down with Chill Moody.