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Emalohi Iruobe Talks 'Aimanosi', It's Purpose And Future

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Words// Timothy Welbeck, Esq.

For as long as the African woman has been in America, she has endured a barrage of stimuli that sought to dehumanize her and deny her beauty. Her entire existence, and all of its physical manifestations—the hue of her skin, the plump of her lip, the kink in her hair, the fullness of her curves—were all stigmatized as their antithesis was normalized. Thus, now what we consider standard conventions of beauty—fair skin, slender build, long, light hair—serve as a reminder of that long history. It also neglects an entire world of beauty, rich in diversity.

Attorney, poet, photographer, and entrepreneur Emalohi Iruobe ("Ema" as she is more commonly known), founder of Aimanosi desires to change that. Borne from Emalohi’s personal struggle to find “well-made intimate apparel while in Nigeria”, Aimanosi desires to create “beautiful, luxurious and well fitted lingerie” for women of all shapes and sizes. Marketed primarily in Africa, the company intends to challenge conventional notions of beauty, instill confidence in women, while doing some good in the process.

Ema sat down with HYPEFRESH's very own, Timothy Welbeck to speak on her new line, its origins, goals, and more. Check it out above.

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