EXCLUSIVE: Chill Moody Delivers Fresh, New Freestyle For Temple U.

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Philadelphia's very own Chill Moody dropped into the classroom of Prof. Timothy Welbeckat Temple University to lecture the minds of his students. Answering a slew of questions, as well as touching on various topics - the veteran lyricist had a little somethin' extra up his sleeve.

"Spit something for us" mentioned one of the students. In a casual, yet smooth fashion Chill Moody started to deliver. "Okay, lets go." 

Introspective, intelligent, witty and metaphorical. A splash of humor blended with clever punchlines made the classroom stare in awe. Even the professor cracked a few smiles during his flow.

And for a rhyme coming off the top, Chill Moody did exceptionally well. And of course, an energetic ovation confirmed just that.

This video reminds us of why true Hip-Hop will never die. Check it out for yourself.