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When you're in the NYC, you just don't know what to expect at events. The drinks were cold, and the stars were definitely out.

A few weeks back in Spanish Harlem, the legendary Young Guru came through Silvana for Heineken's Green Room Series to drop knowledge for the people, as well as showing off his DJ skills on the tables. HYPEFRESH® Magazine was in the mix as well, covering the event, in addition to the many other publications in the building. The room was packed with press, loyal fans and hip hop aficionados that came in the support of the culture.

Rising DJ & Hip Hop recording artist, DJ Prince opened up the event early, showing off some scratch work to warm the crowd up for the night. A true sound selector he is, as he graced the crowd with legendary blends, mixing up Hip Hop classics in style. "This is what it's all about. Delivering that quality performance and sound for the true fans of Hip Hop". mentioned DJ Prince. And we can't lie - he murdered it, without any remorse.

Young Guru was introduced into the building for an open room Q & A with Esteban Serrano of FUSE Television, where he dropped many gems about the current state of the music industry, his start up in the Hip Hop game as an audio engineer, the perils of the mainstream recording industry - as well as answering some general questions from the audience and press. When that was all said and done, Guru stepped out of the building to chat with HYPEFRESH®'s curator -Clark Kennedy for an exclusive interview for the publication.

After the conversation was through, Guru went back into Heineken's Green Room, set up his DJ equipment and tore down the house. Showing off his many tricks and moves on the turntables, the crowd lost control at his infectious mixing abilities. Blending classic hip hop joints from the ranges of KRS - One to Tribe Called Quest, there wasn't enough water to put out the fire he caused on the stage with his DJ'ing.

Special guests in the building were the talented music producers !LLMind & 88 Keys, who stopped in to enjoy the classic vibes Silvana's dancefloor had to offer. Some rising talent came through the event as well, including the upcoming Jamaica Queens MC - Jemyle Jones, as well as the tri states very own, Clever Best. In a nutshell, this event was bananas. It wasn't anything you couldn't learn, whether through wisdom, or music demonstration. This event was one for the history books. It was definitely a blessing to be around so much talent all at once.

Check out the video below, and feel free to leave any comments in the box below. Enjoy!