Skyzoo,The Ingenious Lyrical Wordsmith

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This is Skyzoo. The NYC wordsmith that has the culture of Hip Hop in the palm of his hands. The lyrics he delivers are purely organic, unprocessed and unfiltered. Some of the best wordplay on the market.

Skyzoo, the American Hip Hop lyricist straight outta Brooklyn, NY delivers timeless rap songs and classic projects to the world. For those who do know Skyzoo, you probably skipped over this entire paragraph.

The man who brought you perennial Hip Hop compositions such as Live From The Tape Deck, Cloud 9: The 3 Day High, The Salvation, The Great Debater, A Dream Deferred, (and so many more) has stopped past the office of HF® for an exclusive interview. And yes, we got answers to the questions we longed to be answered. After having worked with legendary music producers - lets name a few - !LLMind, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, DJ Premier... You can best believe we brought our best inquiries to the table. Check out the conversation below.

Hip-Hop used to be based off lyricism, delivery & creativity..
However, in today's mainstream market -- that's not the case. We
salute you for keeping it 100% You are truly bringing the core of hip
hop culture back into its proper place musically. We have to ask, what inspires you throughout life to write/create the style of music you deliver to the people?

My inspiration comes from the things around me. I live life and
write about it, write about the people in my life and the things I'm
affected by. As far as lyricism, I'm from an era where you had to
come with it as far as "penning" goes. So I live by that musically.

Brother -- you have classics under your belt up to this point.
Let's name a few : 1. The Cloud 9 Mix-tape (Prod. by 9th Wonder) 2.
Live From The Tape Deck (Prod. by !LLMIND) 3.The Salvation (Your first Major Worldwide Release) 4. A Dream Deferred... It just amazes us to see your consistency and quality of each album/mix-tape you deliver. Walk us through your creative process when in the lab working on new material.. We're very curious to know.

Thanks for the love on the music. When I start a new project,
it's always driven by a theme, a story or plot per se. Cohesion is
always a priority for me, so when I write records for a project, they
always have to somehow tie in together. A lot of people take that for
granted. That's what separates the dope records from the classics.

Obviously -- you're very accomplished as a hip-hop emcee thus far in the game. Most artists find difficulty making it to the level where you reside. Honestly, It just seems to keep getting better for you every year progressively. However, before this phase in your career you were starting out just like every other creative MC in the game. In your opinion, what do believe created the "turning point" of your hip-hop career -- ultimately bringing you to where you stand today? Please, elaborate.

For me, it was me working with such an esteemed list of
producers. Once people saw me working with the likes of Just Blaze,
Nottz, Illmind, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dame Grease, Ron Browz, etc,
that make listeners feel as if they had no choice but to give my music
a shot. Then once they listened, they were hooked. But me working with said producers was due to my music and my grind. So it always starts with the talent and the quality and the grind. Always. It's definitely a blessing.

We have to ask -- for the record. What's your top 5 in your own
discography thus far? (Yes, we know you have a lot of songs.. Take
your time lol)

Haha, songs? Wow, that's tough. Here's five in no particular
order: The Definitive Prayer, How To Make It Through Hysteria,
Langston's Pen, Speakers On Blast, Metal Hearts.

Lastly, we want to get your wisdom on wax -- to share with the
millions of aspiring lyricists across the globe. What would be your
tip of advice on navigating the music industry, whether independently or commercially?

My advice would be to always keep the passion and the hunger and talent at the forefront, but also never forget that this is a business. The people in charge of who gets where, are the ones who live by the "business first" motto. So you've gotta just keep that in mind when you move.