HypeFresh Catches Up With Atlanta's Own, CB Flair Upon The Release Of His Latest Single, "Bankroll"

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You can never stay away from your calling for very long, and Atlanta's CB Flair is living proof of this testimony.

After the release of his 2013 project WestsideCB decided to take a hiatus to focus on another passion project, Laicos Rebel Clothing. Though the brand was an obvious success and is still spreading rapidly to this day, the Bankhead representative felt he had unfinished business.

CB is from a city where many musicians dwell, but what sets CB aside from his peers is his versatility, and his ability to guerrilla market any product he sees potential in.

Coming off of the release of VI VI MMXVIearlier this month, Flair works at both quality and quantity.

His latest buzzing single, Bankroll, premiered by HotNewHipHop, has been slowly gaining a spot in the sets of DJs and stations throughout the southeast. It's all leading into his aptly titled album I'm Supposed To Be Famous Already: Volume 1.

Some ATLiens may be wondering how many volumes of his ongoing series will it take before CB joins T.I. in the "Bankhead Hall-of-Fame". The answer to this question is exactly what CB Flair so interesting.

HypeFresh's own, Niyah Nel, caught up with CB Flair recently for a brief Q&A after the release of Bankroll. Tune in below to check out their dialogue:


How did you get your start in the rap game coming from a city like Atlanta that's probably over saturated with aspiring artists?
My first introduction into music was learning to play the trumpet in the 3rd grade. From then on I began to learn piano where I first started writing R&B songs as well as songs for the children's choir at church. My mentor/ big bro Bob actually got me into hip hop by doing round table freestyles, where someone would point and you'd have to rap about whatever they were pointing at, that was back in 7th/8th grade maybe?

From middle school on, I was in the band and learned to play basically every brass instrument available. I started producing in high school using the PlayStation Music Generator game, and started recording beats over my moms old Gospel cassette tapes. I was in a rap group solely as a producer, but I felt I could rap better than the dudes I was helping to produce for, so I branched off and started making little songs by myself.

After high school I joined the Marines and one day after work the homies and I were hot boxing down I-5 in Cali and I got high as hell and just started flowing. It was at that moment we created a lil rap group called F.A.M (Forever About Music) and I recorded my actual first rap verse, I wanna say that was in the early part of 2004.

You took a break from music for a bit to focus on your clothing brand, Laicos Rebel Clothing. Tell me about that.. Are you still pushing that brand?

Laicos is actually Social spelled backwards, I did that for trademarking purposes. So the line was created for social rebels who didn't identify with what anyone said the norm was. Its been a fun and great experience for me, and I'm currently in talks with a friend about actually running the day to day operations.

You've recently let go of a new record, "Bankroll". What was the inspiration behind this release?

I generally let each beat dictate what the song will be about, so with "Bankroll" I was feeling like "I'm cool as fuck ya feel me" lol thats why the first line is "Woke up feeling like a muthafuckin boss". The rest of the song was just feelings about stuff and some current situations. I threw a salute to Bankroll Fresh because of the impact he had on the city and how the whole city unified in his remembrance, and although I never met him personally it was hella cool to see that happen. Especially for someone who basically just starting to get mainstream looks.

How has coming up in Atlanta influenced the way you make music? Who are some of your biggest influences?

Only at first glance I would say.I'm one of the biggest Outkast, Ceelo Green fanatics. The way they put songs together, harmonies, melodies etc they were waaaaay before their time. They made being you cool ya feel me ? you didn't have to be the biggest dope slanga on Bankhead to relate to them and like their music, and lyrically it ain't too many that can hold a candle to any of the three. For me being lyrical is a big component of being an artist. We basically say the same things just in new and creative ways and that's what they did, and its funny cause Andre 3000 and Ceelo would be lyrical as fuck while they were singing it to you lol. That in essence is why you find a lot of melodies in my verses/hooks but if you listen to the lyrics you'd find much more that some cool sounding shit. I gotta shout my dude TI for giving me a place to be proud to be from. He put Bankhead on the map nationally and the whole time I was in Cali it paid off lol. Plus dudes just hella dope lyrically and doesn't let the pressures of man tell him what to put out musically. One of my top 5/6 favorite artist all time. Jay Z is basically my soundtrack to life lol I remember so many times riding to Reasonable Doubt, BlueprintBlueprint 2, or The Black Album. I rock with Pharrell Williams cause he's a musical genius as well as Kanye, two more of my influences for their sounds, lyrics, and rebellious spirits. I rocks with Curren$y real heavy. Dudes gotta lot of dope ass music. Nas' Gods Son is one of my all time favorite albums. To be honest I just love good music, I'd be all day telling you my musical influences. Funny thing real quick, one of my favorite songs ever is Three 6 Mafia's "Pussy Got You Hooked" that track is hella dope!

What can fans expect from you with your upcoming album, I'm Supposed To Be Famous Already: Volume 1"

Its just called "I'm Supposed To Be Famous Already" and honestly I have no idea lol. I wanna say thought provoking, then in the same breath say club/party/street music. So truthfully its just like when I did "Bankroll' whatever the beat says and what I'm feeling is what the song will be. I can tell you right now that, " Time & Time " and "Hunnid Bandz " as well as the " Bankroll " remix will be on the album.

Anything you wanna leave off with? How can people connect with you?

Find me and all my social media outlets on www.cbflair.com. On Soundcloud, @cbflair. On Youtube, @cbflair

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to his latest track, stream below.