International Pop Sensation, Inna Modja

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Stylish, Classy, Elegant. Inna Modja is everything you would want from a female vocalist. Her Presentation in image is just as good as the sweet sounds you hear.

Inna Bocoum owes her name to the name of artist Inna Modja (Inna Moƴƴa) that her mother gives her, which means "Inna is bad or Inna is not good"HYPEFRESH® discovered this female superstar via while searching for new music to feature. 

Mentored as a teenager by Mali’s legendary vocalist Salif Keita, Modja got her start in music as a backing vocalist for Keita’s Rail Band de Bamako before relocating to Paris, France where she worked as a model while pursuing her music career.

To this day, she continues to impress and impact her listeners & fanbase with her soulful talents. HYPEFRESH®'s very own Clark Kennedy grabbed the attention of the pop mogul, to chat about her music, career and future aspirations.


To kickstart this conversation, tell us your purpose in the entertainment industry. What kind of social & cultural impact are you trying to deliver to the people?

For me, music is like storytelling , sharing love and values you truly believe in. My vision of this world. (Smiling)

You were mentored as a teenager by Mali’s legendary vocalist Salif Keita,and got your start in music as a backing vocalist for Keita’s Rail Band de Bamako... What was the experience like to have such great support from legendary artists from the jumpstart of your music career?

It was an amazing experience and opportunity to learn from some of the greatest musicians in Africa. It taught me that hard working , and being true to yourself is the key to become the artist you're aiming to be . It was a blessing to be around them.

You moved to France to also pursue a career in modeling while also sticking with your music... Though you were following your dreams, was that overwhelming to take on both simultaneously?

Actually, I went to Paris to study and pursue my dreams. Modeling was an amazing opportunity to afford college and pay my bills (Chuckles) It was very fun. I took my time and I worked hard on my music , and I was very patient . I wasn't going to rush anything . I knew when the time's right , I would dedicate myself 100% to music . So while studying and modeling, I was writing songs for others.

You're a true diva, and very stylish we must add. Tell us what inspires your image your present to the world and why?

Well, I love to play around with clothes . I always did . When I was a teenager , I was different from the other kids. I was the weird one (laughs) So I learned how to embrace myself with pride and do me. I don't dress to impress but express my mood or state of mind.

Are you planning on touring soon, if not already? Give us the details...

My tour will start in early 2015 . In Europe first , and then wherever the love will come from (Smiling)

When you're not in the studio, or posing for the camera, what are you into? Share some of your interests with us.

I'm an actress also! I'm on a french TV show on Canal+ called "Pendant Ce Temps''. I'm also a spokesperson for the International Charity AMREF, who helps form midwives in Africa.

If you could choose ANY artist to open up for at this given moment, who would you pick and why?

I would love to open up for Damon Albarn. He's such a talented artist. With Blur, Gorillaz or his work with Malian musicians, I love it all.

Lastly, let us know when your dropping any EP's or LP's in the future. We need to know so we can support and promote you!

My album is coming up in early 2015 , but I'll drop a few singles before.By the way, here's another one called "Outlaw" I'm excited to share with you! Check it out!