FRESH FRIDAY:Meet Desyree Thomas, The CEO and Designer For Luxury Menswear Brand TODD Patrick

The designer discusses the TODD PATRICK man, her dream of raiding Anna Wintour and Pharrell's closet and the importance of grind.
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Streetwear brands are everywhere. But, the brands that do not follow this moniker have that intoxicating "it factor." These are far and few in between. TODD PATRICK is the undeniable exception, creating an unapologetically brave aesthetic that has the "it factor" and then some. Following their Fall 2016 collection, the brand has undoubtedly solidified its existence as much more than a fashion brand; it's a lifestyle. And thanks to lead designer and CEO, Desyree Thomas, TODD PATRICK's creative direction is pure genius. Fusing high-end and street wear aesthetics seamlessly, TODD PATRICK is for the outcasts but also for the dreamers at heart, looking to merge their conflicting sartorial ideas into a cohesive and well executed presentation that tells a story of our evolutionary cultural shifts. From clever layering to interestingly subtle prints, there is a clear understanding of what what men want and ultimately, what they need. To delve further into this idea, we sat down with Desyree Thomas to chat about menswear, her favorite designers and more! Read the full interview below. 

If you could describe your aesthetic in three words, what would it be?

Ingenious. Speculative. ME!

Who and/or what inspires your creativity?

My mother and other creatives. I feel like as creatives we definitely focus on our own lane and vibe, but when you surround yourself with creatives that are hungry; they allow you to push yourself and the envelope. My mother inspires my creativity, because she motivates my grind. The people that are pushing the envelope; I'm apart of that group and that inspires me.

 What is your creative process?

I don't have a specific creative process. I like what I like haha I do what I do. It all starts with an idea and bringing that to life in all creative processes. Mood boards, music... surrounded by the grind. I don't do a ritual or like "I grab a bottle of OJ and vibe," haha. I want it to pour out randomly. Walking down the street; see a print or fabric I haven't seen before and get inspired. Something like that would be apart of my process.

 How did you get into fashion?

On accident! Haha I was faced with some adversity and pushed through. I planned on playing basketball professionally in Italy; but a hiccup happen and I had to figure out my next move. Fashion was that for me; and I fell in love with it. Fashion is scary, it's forever changing, it's Ugly and I love that. Everything happens for a reason, and I don't think the man upstairs would have put me in any situation I wasn't supposed to grow and learn from. 

Describe the Todd Patrick man?

Todd Patrick; is technically my little brother. Todd Patrick the brand, is a menswear lux line that I started, as a motivational thing to my little brother, to show it doesn't matter where we come from, anything you want in life, you work for it you can get it! You can be ANYTHING; stay dedicated. I used to sketch ideas from someone's couch in NY (it was trash). When I moved to NY; I didn't know what I was going to do. Never grew up saying; I'm going to fashion school and being a designer hahaa never. I wore sweats to college classes because we had 5am practices and conditioning after class. There wasn't anytime to get fly. It's hard to answer this because you're asking me to describe a plethora of ideas over years time; and I don't wanna give some cliche description like "Todd Patrick is an innovative approach on menswear" haha nah Todd Patrick is my little brother, and this is a creative way for me to express to him that he's dope as hell to me with a future ahead. This can be the stepping stone for him; as well as eye catching and key wardrobe pieces for the world.

Any thoughts about womenswear?

Love women's wear; but also love the fact that more and more women are wearing men's clothes and they're doing it in a dope way. A lot of women shop Todd Patrick. They are focusing on being sexy as who they are as a person and not relating that to skin tight and less amounts of clothing and I support that for sure. I think that's dope. What I think is funny is, I was having a conversation about cross dressing literally this weekend and everyone really does it. Haha women wear men's clothes and it's ok but the second a man wears womenswear; society Trips. Haha why? Let everybody be dope in their own damn way. Womenswear, Menswear it's all just fabric expressed differently, by the way it's sewn.

What is your favorite fabrics and materials to work with?

Favorite Materials; I would have to say: Leather (Suede), Denim, Satin and Silk. I haven't really touched on silk for Todd Patrick, but a piece I'm working on for spring is firrreeee. I want to do some crazy fabric sourcing outside of the US and see what gems I can find in like a small city in Italy that's like a mom and pop spot. That would be ILL. 

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Now, it's time to learn more about you!

Vintage or Luxury? 

Both. I think that the fact of it being vintage and still existing 20 years later makes it Luxury. That's QUALITY

Minimalist or maximalist?

Minimalist. Less is more

 Who are your top 5 designers? Past and present?

Todd Patrick

Hedi Slimane

Karl Lagerfeld

Rick Owens

Véronique Nichanian

High heels or kicks?

Hahaha kicks for sure

What was the last book you read?

The Four Agreements! Great READ.

Basketball or Football?


What artists do you currently listen to?

I listen to a bunch of music. My song right now is 'Closer' - by the ChainSmokers. Patiently waiting on Tyler Noells project; and Kendrick is always in rotation.

   Beyonce or Adele?

BEEEHIIVVVEEEE STANNDDDD UPPPP lol definitely Beyoncé but if I'm in my feelings my catch me "hellllooooo from the otherrrrssiiddddeee" windows down BLASTING emotionally.

HahahaIf you could live any where in the world, where would it be and why?

Some random island with the population of like 300. I really want to live in one of those towns where you have to wake up and walk down to the water to get your food for the day and you say hi to all the old people because they sit in the same spot for 10 years type location. That would be amazing! I will in the future, just peace and serenity.

 If you were given a lifetime supply of clothing from any designer, who would it be and why?

Todd Patrick

Whose closet would you raid for a day?

Anna Wintour & Pharrell, Just imagine their closest combined. God bless the thought.

 Lastly, any tips for upcoming designers?

Stay consistent and stay hungry! That's it man. It's a grind; but if you stick with anything long enough and you're passionate, he game will give you what you put in. You can't cheat the grind.