Virginia Beach got em' trynna ride the wave, right.

With probably one of his most definitive works nearing its debut, VA Beach, native, Gee$ continues to drop off quality bars to prep us for Thanks For Nothing. Coming off the heels of his latest release, "Conspiracy Theory" featuring long-time collab, JuAn Gusto, the 757 emcee links up with another Beach native, Don Von, as they trade bars on their new collaboration, "RNS". 

Only the strong survive, only the wise excel and thats word to a class Hip-Hop joint. If you need a breakdown of what "RNS," well, this music probably isn't something you can really relate to. But for those who get it, it goes without saying...this joint is hard.  

Upon the drop of "RNS," HypeFresh's own Niyah Nel spoke briefly with Gee$ to get more insight on the track what is in store for the young rapper. Tune in below for the script to their interview and also stream his new Don Von-assisted track, "RNS".

Q:Where did you get the inspiration behind your latest track, "RNS"?

A: BARS & A HARD ASS BEAT haha...... When I first heard the beat I knew it didn't need a hook.. I wrote my verse in a hotel room in like 35 mins but when I rapped my verse to myself it didn't sound right being the first verse so from there I knew I wanted someone else to start it off and kill it.

Q:Is this track something like a prequel to what will be heard on your upcoming album Thanks For Nothing?

A: Everything I'm dropping before the project gets released are songs that are about 2 yrs old that I'm tired of sitting on to be honest.. I have joints harder than this in the cut. I'm aiming for "project of the year" in 2017 with Thanks For Nothing... I'm coming out swinging.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself as an artist. What shapes the way you approach your music & sets you aside from other rappers from your area or those in the game today?

A: I give you me every time you hear me.. whether it's a real rap joint, one of them knocking joints, girl tracks, it doesn't matter.. I give you the real me every time. I don't sound like nobody. Someone might say I remind them of someone but mostly everyone that has heard my music has told me I have my own sound. I'm not chasing trends or anything like that I'm just doing me. Much respect to everyone doing their thing but my story is something that separates me from those in the game and my peers. I'm hungry and my daughter is 7-years-old, ITS TIME.

Q: So your a new album Thanks For Nothing is on the way.. When can we be on the lookout for that? What can fans expect to hear from Gee$ on this body of work?

A: I wanna say sometime around April but no later than May.. there's 2 dates I have in my head but I don't want to throw them out there yet. Fans can expect the 1st single sometime around February titled "Real Gee$". I'm telling you it's about to get real in a minute. I got something for everyone on this project.. the streets, the ladies, & true Hip-Hop heads.. it's a complete body of work.

Q: Are there any other details you can reveal to us without speaking too much, too soon?

We're about 65% done right now so there isn't much I can say at the moment but I will say this... me and my guy Jrey (up & coming producer/singer from NYC) cooked up something special on this project. As of right now he produced 6 joints & is featured on 2 tracks. I also have a track titled "Hov" that I'm excited for people to hear. That's all I'm gonna say for now.


Q: How do you feel about Hip-Hop culture in its current stage & what would you like to see change within it?

A: I like where Hip-Hop is at right now. It's something out there for everybody.. meaning if someone who's favorite rapper is someone like Lil Yachty, they ain't gonna feel my music the same way somebody would who's favorite rapper is Fabolous or Jay-Z. It's so many different styles of Hip-Hop that you can like whatever you like. It's a lane for everybody. When it's time to get "lit" I listen to "get lit" shit but on my day to day living my life shit, I'd probably be listening to some old Roc-A-Fella or Dipset.

Q: What can Gee$ offer to the culture?

A: I offer another voice of realness to the game. I've seen it all & I'm still young. I never met my pops, I've seen jail, I've seen homies switch up, I've seen girls turn their back on you during tough times, I've been kicked out for bringing drugs in and out of my grandma's crib. I ain't have the worst life nor the best, but I've seen both sides of the field. God gave me this passion for music for a reason. I got 3 felonies & a 7-year-old daughter... THIS HAS TO BE MY WAY OUT !!!

Q: What would you say is the hardest bar pulled from "RNS"? Elaborate on that a bit.

A: Damn that's tough because it's so many lines throughout my verse that I love but my favorite might have to be "Look at the score bitch stop the games/Born to be kings so we rock the chains" line. I just like the way that part sounds to be honest.. Us young black males like jewelry so the line is pretty much self-explanatory, it just sounds real dope once that part comes up at the end. I could've picked something else but that's really my shit haha.

Q: When you first got the blueprint mapped out for "RNS" did you immediately hear a collaboration with fellow Va Beach, VA native, Don Von?

A: Nah I didn't actually. It was suppose to be me and another dope artist from Norfolk named Lord Etha but the stars didn't align for "RNS". I was gonna scrap the whole song but I remembered that I had checked out Von's new music when I came home from jail & I had told myself that I was gonna get him on something. So I reached out to him and the rest is history.

Q: What would you like listeners to pull from your music?

It's no gimmicks with me. I'm one of them dudes that's gonna be around for a while. I want to be like the rappers I grew up idolizing. I want my name to be apart of those barbershop conversations. I just want the respect more than anything. I love making music & watching someone feel it is a whole other feeling.

Q: Any last thoughts?

Be on the lookout for my Thanks For Nothing project dropping around the spring time but until then I will be releasing new music every few weeks. Much love to those who are down for the journey & it's still love to those who aren't.