EXCLUSIVE: HpN Hallie Talks "Twisted Paradise," Freedom and the Central Theme of Women

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Talk about twisted paradise. What does it mean to you? 

Twisted Paradise is an alternative world where all of your exotic fantasies, in any context exists. It's your zone; a realm of life where you can just BE. Free of any critic or naysayers because this world is already filled with plenty of both!

Your style seems so bizarre, yet distinguished. Where does that part of you come from? 

My style... I would have to credit it to my upbringing honestly, I was never taught boundaries coming up. Which allowed me to always just explore any and everything in and on my mind. I've just never been afraid to be myself and just trust my instincts. I also gotta give credit to Tupac, Andre 3000, Prince, Ye West, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye. I always lived through those guys' freedom as well. 

How are the ladies important to your music? 

Ladies are the central theme of my being/music, my love for them and their beauty just inspires me. It's something about their vulnerability and mystique that really intrigues me, it's powerful. Women are really my muse, without them I'd be no HpN Hallie or happiness.

Run us through your creative process. 

My creative process is really weird because I just let the moment take control of me. I don't think it's anything I do special, it's just me living in the moment. Mixed in with me being alone and sometimes levitated.

Talk about the word ''hypefresh''. What does it mean to you? 

HypeFresh to me is freedom, it's culture and it's necessary! HypeFresh is the essence of art because it lives in both the underground and mainstream which is unheard of. Risk takers, Pioneers all of which is described by HypeFresh.

First off, what does "HpN" mean? 

HpN stands for HampNation, which is my family, my tribe. It's more than just music. HAMP is also an acronym "Helping All My People" Nation because that's the purpose or mission of me pursuing an art career, to push every boundary and educate/liberate my people while doing so.


Any shoutouts? 

I like to shoutout my Mom first and foremost. She's just my life. My brother, my sister whom I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for those three! My beautiful muse/everything Lyneisha. Boogati, Zukhan Bey, Tony, Colman Domingo, TLR, Tobi, Derrick Perkins, the whole HpN, Center for Male Engagement and anybody that has or will help me along my journey. Thank you and I love y'all, Also to my brother Clark Kennedy and the HypeFreshMag crew. THANK YOU!