Hailing from Atlanta Georgia, St. Beauty is an intoxicating love-child comprised of two singers, Alex Belle and Isis Valentino who seamlessly channel their artistic expression and freedom into a sound that is like no other. After meeting in College Park while working at a vintage store, the two unearthed their shared passion for songwriting and performing, thus forming St. Beauty with an unwavering mission "to heal and inspire." Apart of Janelle Monáe's Wondaland Arts Society, their sound is mesmerizing, incorporating harmonies and lyrical depths that permeate the mind and soul. Melodies and nuances fuel their sound, a unique blend of R&B, Soul and raw atmospheric vibes which deliver a sultry richness that is unparalleled in today's market. 

We had the pleasure to sit down with Alex and Isis to discuss their unique sound, the story behind St. Beauty, style and Wondaland Arts Society. Check it out below!

Q: How would you describe your sound to new fans? It has a unique layering of harmonies and emotional feelings within each verse?

A: We've come up with a new genre that we feel embodies our sound. We call it "Confetti". We feel that there is a lifeline with Confetti. When it shoots out, it's a big happy moment. When it's falling, it's a moment of being in awe. When it's on people's clothes and hair, it's a mellow moment. And then it's on the ground and swept up which are the moments of reflecting and everything ends. We feel that we have all these moments in our music.

Q: As noted in photos, you guys have a very unique style of fashion. Fits well with your sound, what influences your style? Would you say it is your Atlanta upbringing?

A: We are both lovers of vintage clothing with an urban twist. We met each other at a vintage boutique as coworkers and we used to borrow clothes from work for our shows. Fashion has definitely always played a huge role in our band.


Q: Is there a specific outfit, shoe, or fashion item that you guys just can’t go without?

A: Alex: I can't go without my white ankle boots and white tambourine to match.

A: Isis: My pastel blue guitar and I have to have a comfortable shoe especially onstage.

Q: Recently you guys had a song featured on the new Issa Rae show “Insecure,” when you saw the scene that had the music placement, what about it made you both think your track was so fitting for that distinct moment?

A: It was so fitting because it was a scene of Issa realizing that leaving is the best thing for her to do in that moment. So she grabbed her things and left right when she had the chance and felt bad about it in the beginning but realizing it’s what’s best. The scene made its own meaning to the song. And it fit perfectly.

Q: Your single “Borders” has such relatable lyrics, that border between who we are in relationships and who we are on the other side…that metaphorical representation is so intriguing. Do you feel like we consistently battle with “borders” in life, beyond relationships?

A: We can't really speak for everyone, but we know that we most definitely deal with "Borders" in our life. Borders are equivalent to decisions. Any decision that you make causes a change in your life just like crossing a border to find yourself in a place that's new to you.

Q: Aside from this single, what impression do you want your guys music to have on people? Especially new fans?

A: We want everyone to be able to relate to our music. Everyone has a different perspective and we love for people to relate to our music in their own way. We feel that people can trust our music with their emotions.

Q: On the latter, the previous single “Holographic Lover,” takes the other side of love, the Honeymoon phase per say. What inspired that writing for this song? Based on Genius annotations, “Borders” was inspired by you guys individual breakups.

A: Holographic Lover was inspired by the feeling of being in love in every category of it.

Q: Did you guys always want to be singers and have this dream career?

A: Alex: Yes, I've always wanted to be a music artist along with other things, but music has always been in front of everything.

A: Isis: I asked for a guitar for my birthday and I never knew where it would take me, something inside of me made me ask for it. I will say, this is a dream, to be able to express myself through music and my experiences.


Q: Since you’ve joined Wondaland, how has that experience been? How have they helped you two grow as artists?

A: It's been great! We've gained extended family being in Wondaland. They've always given us great advice, books to read, etc. to become better artists. We love them!

Q: What is something about you two that no one knows that may surprise fans?

A: Alex: I'm actually extremely shy and I get really bad social anxiety sometimes, but I always push through it to be an experience to our admirers on and off stage.
A: Isis: I am an introvert and I used to braid hair in high school, lol

For more information on St. Beauty, visit their Website, Spotify  and Twitter for new music, updates and intoxicating vibes.