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HF® sat down with @therealmalcs for answers. And yes, we got em. Twitter.com has been BUZZING with RT’s from sneaker heads worldwide, asking, (if not begging) for SNEAKHEAT.COM to open it’s online doors. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet for the public. Our editors got a hold of the man who is CEO of the company to set the record straight.

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The fans are raving.. Sneaker heads are loosing sleep.. Can you tell us and your followers what to expect from your website when it drops for sneaker & Jordan lover’s worldwide? What kind of experience are they truly in for?

Expect something crazy. Something that this sneaker community needs. Something that is going to make things easier for every sneakerhead. Worldwide. It is going to be the type of experience that you remember, forever. The platform and structure will speak for itself, but I also think that the hype around it is the best part. People are dying to see what I have been working on this whole time. Since I am still in school and my mom wanted me to finish this semester, I had to push back the release date. But there is nothing like it in the sneaker industry right now, and I can’t wait to see the results from the hard work.

Just the thought of an ‘exchange’ of sneakers, as well as purchasing brand new ones make you guys the (in our opinion) a big deal. How did this idea come into play for Sneak Heat? And what motivated this decision?

Yeah, it’s dope. Brand new kicks, used kicks… everything will be on there. We will have stuff in the SneakHeat Online Store too, so people can purchase shoes, clothes, etc. It’s really a platform for dope upcoming brands and companies. We will also continue to release big releases early and below retail. That’s what we did with the Infrared 6’s last week, so I look forward to doing that in the future. This idea came from me getting tired of how unorganized it was done in the past. Sole Collector tried it with their marketplace and it wasn’t as effective, so they took it down. Kixify doesn’t control what goes on in their marketplace, so they are vulnerable to scams. eBay is strictly buy/sell transactions, so I wanted to take it to the next level.

Lastly… Tell us about your backstory & the history of SneakHeat.Com.. What measures did you guys take to get the phenom website to were it is now?

A lot of work and a lot of patience. Plenty of nights I didn’t sleep at all. A couple days where I went 72 hours without sleep just because I wanted to make sure the site was perfect! And that took up a lot of my time. Along with all the other stuff that goes on in life. Just really attacking every aspect of the “sneakerhead” and making it easier for everyone. That’s all. Taking a problem, solving it, and making it a necessity as opposed to a want. When your company becomes a necessity, you will always have consumers that are interested in your product. The difference between just making a company and really solving an actual problem is what can make or break your company. When you get people feeling like they “need” your product or service, that’s when you come out on top. So that’s what I tried to do with SneakHeat.

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