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HF® recently sat down with the trendsetting clothing line “Not Human” Apparel to talk inspiration, design & future endeavors with the brand. Breaking their “Martian” code of silence to speak to a human being was already hard enough to do for them. However, HF has a cousin who lives on Mars… so they made an exception.

To start this interview off correctly, you guys are “literally” ‘Not Human’? (Lol) We’ve seen movies like District 9, and we have to warn you… In the USA, human really dont like your kind on earth lol! Jk!

Damn! I guess our secret is out! (Haha) No, but really, yes I guess you could say we’re not human (but not in a physical sense.) It’s really all about where our mind is at and how we think. We like to think of ourselves as different from the normal human lifestyle and we keep our head in the clouds, and off earth. When it comes down to designing the gear that we release, being ”Not Human” really means being an individual and setting your own path in a world full of Humans that do what everybody expects them to do.

Tell us a bit about how you guys came to earth and created such dope clothing for the people.

Well, it all started when we got beamed over from the Not Human World (or in laments terms), Expression Paradise. When we got here, we noticed that everyone on planet Earth is expected to start at a certain point and try to get to a end result that whatever your boss, parent, teacher or whatever tells you to achieve. So we got this crazy idea. Lets let everyone know that we are going to do whatever, whenever and however we want to do things. We want to express our commitment to standing up for what sets us all apart in the world, the way we express ourselves. We’ve had this mind set for as long as I can remember and we started doing the clothing because how you dress is one of the greatest forms of expression there is… so it just made sense.

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We’ve seen that you guys are pretty popular in the music industry. We spotted icons like Wale & Kid Ink rocking your threads at concerts as well as wearing them leisurely. How did you guys feel seeing your product being worn by these powerful music figures?

Man, when we see figures in the media and music industry wear our gear, it makes us feel great, like super great. It’s like we’re getting our message out to the millions of fans they have, and that’s what really makes a revolution happen. But what really gets us hyped is when we see regular people wearing our gear. We love seeing the support we get from the fans.

The style of “trend” fashion moves quickly. Where do you guys get the inspiration to keep up with the tastes of the people?

Really, we get our inspiration from our fans. We are influenced by those that share our belief in just being yourself. And who does that better then those that have chosen to display them selves as “not human” (lol). Sure, we get small inputs from the industry about what’s hot right now… But the idea of how we portray the inputs is from a collection of ideas we built up. People request all types of stuff that they dream up and we do listen. Sometimes we like it, other times its just too left field but we enjoy every minute that comes out of it.

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We understand everyone has a creative process… Would you guys be kind enough to share yours when in the lab working on new material?

When your in the lab cooking up the next batch of designs, its really about wherever your mind takes you and decides to come up with. If you really think of what a “Not Human" is, your mind will be full of ideas already. Take that and supplement them with the suggestions from a group of Not Human individuals and you can make some pretty mind blowing designs.

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Lastly, let us know Not Human’s plans for the future… What are you guys doing (as of now) expand in the trend culture?

Right now, we’ve been doing alot of custom clothing for people and focusing on expanding the range of products and color combos we offer. For example, we just released some women’s panties to expand the line and the beanies we have been putting out have been been getting an unbelievable amount of love from the fans. So you’ll definitely see alot of stuff that sticks out in a crowd on its way. Many people have also been requesting some throwback designs and while we probably wont do much re-releasing, we will definitely keep it in mind! Whatever it is we do in the near and distant future, just know its gonna be dope. Our next release is always our best release, that’s the oath we live by.

Follow Not Human Apparel on Twitter & Tumblr: @nothumanapparel

To purchase their gear, visit: http://www.nothumanworld.com/