Veli of Veli Brand Talks Humble Beginnings & Why Hard Work Pays Off

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The Veli Brand has been making quite some noise now in the streets of Philadelphia, PA. Being an independent production company that provides premium platforms for indie music artists to succeed on. The founder and CEO,  Veli, born and raised in Philadelphia himself recognizes the importance of outlets for talent. Whether on large stages or smaller venue showcases, an opportunity is just that. Having participated and throwing local showcases and festivals, the one and only goal is helping indie artists build a fan base and provide an electric environment for the fans.

In an exclusive behind the scenes interview, Veli speaks on his journey into the music industry, contrary of his sports background. The young entrepreneur himself is taking the game by storm, getting his hands on as much that's provided. This man is no sleeper, grinding day in and day out, single handily building a platform that thousands have thus far benefitted from.

As an added bonus, Veli throws in his two cents on advice for rising artists who are looking to pursue the quest of making it to the top. Reinforcing that nothing comes easy or falls into the lap of man, the main point driven is that hard work pays off. Oh, while making sure smarts are incorporated in addition.

Check out the sights of his latest venue "In My White Tee", which served as a networking + cookout for the people. Taking a step backwards for a brief pause to provide relief for the hardworking entrepreneurs in Philly, refreshments and soul cooked food is there for the taking.