WATCH NOW: Dell-P "To The Moon And Beyond" Documentary

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Dell-P is going "To The Moon and Beyond" in his latest effort to revitalize Philadelphia Hip-Hop as we know it. (Directed by Justin Douglas)

The veteran native released his newest visual/documentary to showcase his tireless efforts behind the scenes in his musical pursuit. Known for being the "socially conscious" Emcee, Dell-P takes us into his mind throughout the video, touching on his past experiences that define his very existence. The good, bad & ugly - no punches are held back in the details of his story. From family issues, to broken dreams. To presently recent successes in his life, the picture is painted clearly.

"I done lived in shelters. I done been in crackhouses. I know all about struggling. I know all about pain. I refuse to be drug dealer. I refuse to be a thug. For what? Just to prove a point? Music is my life. Alot of my motivation comes from my past. And this is why I keep going."

And to throw in an added bonus, New Years Day Dell P dropped his newest album (surprisingly) on his fans who support his movement in Hip Hop. Appropriately titled "To The Moon and Beyond"

HYPEFRESH favorites on the record range between the self titled "To The Moon and Beyond", "Love and War (Feat. Mel Alston Jr.)", &"Younique" (Feat. Tracey Preston). Of course, we could go on all day picking our favs, but we'd rather you discover your own gems. Soulful, informative, revealing, and educational - just a few definitive words to sum it up.



Our conclusion? Dell-P got next up in the lineup of Philadelphia rising artists. Yeah, we all love P&B Rock, Lihtz Kameraz, Lee Mazin, AR-AB, Quilly... But lets keep the balance here. Painting a picture requires a blend of different colour bases. Dell-P redefines the canvas in which the story is told.

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