Women On The Rise: Scottie Beam

Part 1 of the 2 part series focused on the challenges millennial media women face.
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It's no question or doubt - the professional industry is misogynist. Men dominate most careers in the world of business. Especially in mainstream media. As of 2015, Shakor McClary has made it his focus to bring light to the many women who go overshadowed or unnoticed in their daily efforts. Teaming up with Philly's own Sofiya Ballin, the discussion was sparked between Audra The Rapper and Hot 97's Scottie Beam at Openspace.

Audra The Rapper (left), Sofiya Ballin (center) & Scottie Beam (right).

Audra The Rapper (left), Sofiya Ballin (center) & Scottie Beam (right).

"We forget - we have to support our women.. All of us."

- Scottie Beam, Hot 97.

The politics that deter women from their truest potential reside in sexism, racism and classism within the industry. It's more challenging when men aren't playing fair-game with the almighty "backbone". Scottie Beam kick starts the conversation by sharing a few of her personal challenges in her rise to fame in today's game.

Enjoy part 1 above and be sure to keep it locked for part 2's release.