18 Reasons You Should Buy Frank Ocean's "Endless"

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Frank Ocean's 18-track visual album, Endless has been the spark of controversy for both fans and naysayers alike. When the singer unveiled yet another mysterious video stream on his site, boysdontcry.co (last evening), it set the cyber world ablaze. This caused pandemonium, forcing major publications to copy, paste and analyze the estranged, yet hidden works Frank Ocean had presented. After all of the elevated gossip, endless hours of wait time and several disappointments, the album had come and gone in a matter of hours. And of course, no one could truly appreciate it's glory before its swift departure from the net.

And who took it down you ask? Well, we can speculate Mr. Ocean himself.

Not free for the public as it was last night, Endless now currently streams on Apple Music exclusively. And of course, you have to own a subscription to view. But for the many fans who don't have access, they are forced to wait.

hypefresh won't let you sit cold - as we present "18" reasons why you should head over to apple music and purchase a subscription. If only for Frank Ocean, it's the best way to show your love and support for his favorited gift in music. Listen below (for your personal pleasure) and head over to Apple to grab your 45 min visual album.

And don't forget to keep your eyes open and alert for more updates. hypefresh staff always is looking, staying abreast on exclusive releases. Pass this along and share the love before it's too late. Also, leave your comments below in our Disqus section. We want to hear your thoughts on Frank Ocean's newest work.

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