5-D - Shrubbery (prod. By Bronze Whale)

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Try to get this straight. 5-D (comprised of HBZ and RuDi Devino) who are also a part of the Austin hip-crew SubKulture Patriots, have teamed up with local duo Bronze Whale for a high-energy, incredibly catchy track. Got it? Cool.

"Shubbery" is not your typical stoner joint. Branching out from their normal "chill trap" vibes,  Bronze Whale moves towards a lighter, more airy production that focuses on intricate drums and a hard-hitting bass.

5-D has an impeccable ability to deliver verses in a super fast, but incredibly articulate manner. Try rapping this and you might be tripping over your words- these dudes are fast with it. To offset the speed they roll in with a slowed down, syrupy rhyme that diversifies the track and adds a unique spin to their sound.

Let us know what you think of "Shubbery," below.