A-1 - Sunday Love (Official Video)

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The Eccentric Bay Area Rapper Enjoys Puerto Vallarta In GoPro-Filmed Visual, Premiered by Young California

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_7MU6apAgw&w=560&h=315]

Gearing up for summer, San Francisco's  A-1 ventures to Puerto Vallarta for his "Sunday Love" visual, which premiered via Young California. Recorded with a GoPro camera, the video shows the quirky MC vibing out along the beach and boardwalk, while Mexico's bright, colorful scenery gels perfectly with the upbeat song.

"This entire video is pretty much just me documenting my vacation," A-1 said, adding that "we filmed it all in late December but it was so hot and sunny that you would never be able to tell."

A single from his Thurlian mixtape, which released in March, the track finds A-1 remixing Kaytranada's "Seeu Enni Way" beat.

"This was my first time ever directing a music video and using a GoPro made the video seem professional when really we were just goofing around on vacation in Mexico," A-1 explained.

"Sunday Love" is the latest from a string of captivating visuals from the rapper. Last month, Noisey debuted "Invisible Man," which showed harsh, contrasting views of 80s drug culture. Prior to that, The FADER premiered "Unpredictable (The Repo Man)," a take on the cult classic film that found A-1 soaring in a neon-lit flying car, and earlier this year FACT Mag hosted the rapper's video for "Good People," which was shot at an incredible 1400fps.

Thurlian released earlier this year with the MC remixing beats by genre-bending producers Sango, Mr. Carmack, Ryan Hemsworth, Stwo, and BEAR//FACE, while working original cuts by Mikos Da Gawd and Woostar. “Thurlian is a compilation of songs I’ve been recording over the past two years that all symbolize different aspects of what it means to be ‘Thurl,’ which is to Think (for oneself), Hustle (for one another), Understand (each other), and Really Live (one’s life to the fullest),” A-1 explained. “This project was inspired by my experiences while traveling, seeing different parts of the world and realizing that human suffering is a constant struggle everywhere. As someone with a voice and a following, I feel I have the power to influence those who are willing to listen, and therefore I think I’m somewhat obligated to use that voice for good.”

Our thoughts: "Sunday Love" is fun, pure and honest. A-1 doesn't try to be someone he's not. His lyrics are real and relatable. We all know that feeling come the weekend, where we want to just vibe and forget about the week's worries. From the calypso vibe in the beginning, to the palm trees throughout, A-1 succeeds at making our Sundays pale in comparison to his.

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