A $50,000 Font Was Created Exclusively for Kanye West

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kanye wests 50K exclusive font

Designer Tyler Finck created a font exclusively for Kanye West that is worth $50,000.

According to The Verge, the font is titled Yeezy Display, a display of bold, all-caps typeface for titles, headlines and quick one-liners. This font is just as bold as Kanye West's personality and statements.

Finck's said:

"With three contextual alternates per character, each word is as fresh as Yeezy's next album, which should probably use this font. Seriously. That's the goal here. It's stencil-ready, with hard edges, round corners, and enough punctuation/accents for latin-based languages (English, German, Icelandic, whatever). Take a look."

If Kanye West likes this font and buys it, it will be enough for Finck to fund his own wedding.

kanye west exclusive font