A-Major Of Swamp Posse, Speaks On '96' & Future Moves

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Animal Major, (A-Major for short) of the rising independent Hip Hop group - Swamp Posse, took a few minutes with HYPEFRESH® video curator Jemyle Jones to talk politics. Hip Hop politics, that is.

The sun settled for the day in Queens, NYC, where the streetlights stayed on, and the people of the city remained alive and active - despite the pitch black color of the sky. There amongst the busy citizens of the Queens borough, were A-Major and Jemyle Jones, sitting on a local street bench in the neighborhood.


Being a comedian in spirit, (as well as being focused and humble)A-Major discusses his inspiration behind his newest track '96' and why he chose to shoot a video for it.

" 96 was inspired from where I'm grew up, Queens.. You know. I wanted to tap back into that time, lifestyle and environment. That was a golden era for me.. Even though I was 10 years old, it was just a great time in my life. There were prime examples of hip hop in that era, (referring to Big Pun, Nas, Biggie, etc;) that we got our inspiration from, and I just wanted to bring that feel back."

And of course, Major wants to bring that sound to the people, allowing you to vicariously live through his "golden era" experiences through this record. Check out the full interview to get the entire scoop from Major himself, and don't forget to follow him on Twitter! (@MadeMajor

Also, to learn more about A-Major and the Swamp Posse crew, visit their site directly: http://swampposse.com/theposse/