A New Study Reveals Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Beyoncé's Lyrics Are Below a Third Grade Reading Level

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According to a new study by SeatSmart, Hip Hop lyrics aren't as advanced as we think they are.

In fact, many of today's popular songs by artists including Chris Brown, Kanye West and Beyoncé do not pass a third grade reading level. Eminem leads the way with most songs averaging a fourth grade level.

Andre Powell-Morse put the study together over a 10-year time span and found that the overall reading level in Billboard hits have declined since 2005, with hip-hop having the overall lowest lyrical intelligence out of the four major genres (also rock, country and pop) in music.

Morse put together this study by examining lyrics of certain Billboard hits and plugging them into Readability Score, and then figured out the average reading level, and more.

Who has the 'smartest' lyrics you ask? Well, it's actually country.

Average US Reading Level by Grade:
Country: 3.3
Pop: 2.9 (tie)
Rock: 2.9 (tie)
R&B/Hip Hop: 2.6

Check out some of the inforgraphics from SeatSmart below:


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