I feel like every lady should be treated with love and like a real woman. My music is for the ladies, and I want them to know I have their back always. -Aros

Adrian “A Ros” Rosario grew into a path already laid out for him involving music and his future endeavors. His Father, known as “Majic,” has been involved in music business for years, passing down passionate roots to his son that would ignite a light in him early on. 


With his foundation coming from heavy instrumentation with the Piano, Aros soon took a liking for his voice and began singing, realizing in only the 9th grade that this is where he would apply his all.

In 2016, Aros released his debut single featuring Pusha T, “All I Wanted,” kick starting his career and putting him on the radar of mutiple namely platforms. With his introduction, he made a mighty impact on his following impetus, and now he’s working on his debut body of work, slated for release Summer 2018.

Before dropping off a full body collective, A Ros revisits his 2017 drop, "Killa," and provides visual treatment for the already buzzing track. 

Tune in below for A Ros' new release, and stay tuned as his debut album will soon follow.