Listen To Aaron Cohen's New EP 'Home Less'

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aaron cohen home less

I recently discovered Aaron Cohen when I stumbled upon the artist's twitter page and saw a verified rapper with a following below the ideal criteria. Lost, I immediately clicked the Soundcloud link in his bio and found myself face to face with his new EP 'Home Less'. Still confused about who this guy is, I hit 'play' in search for more answers.

Right out the gate in the first track (Sidelines) I became a fan. I heard the confident and cut throat tone in his voice -- though the early Mac Dre reference didn't hurt either. As I continued to listen I also noticed his gift for conscious storytelling. The laid back -- looking into the stars vibe merged perfectly with Cohen's style and technique.

The tracks on the EP where mainly handled by Kemal, who also executive produced the project. The DJ/emcee duo sounded so perfectly in tune together, that it seemed as if each track was tailored for Cohen.

If you're sleep on Aaron Cohen, I advise you to check out his EP and hop on the bandwagon before it's noticeable. I'm sure you'll find a song or two to add to your playlist.