Aaron Cohen Premieres Visuals for “Off the Ground”

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Seattle rapper, Aaron Cohen recently released his music video for "Off The Ground" for his EP Off The Ground which is set to drop tomorrow, June 24th. The video starts off with Aaron and his homies waiting at a red light when suddenly the video takes a turn for the worse: Aaron is now in an asylum. At this point, you're starting to wonder if this is a dream or if you missed something. Trust me you didn't.

Once in the asylum, Aaron is hallucinating, forced to take pills and then dragged out of his room by 2 nurses. As any real friends would do, Aaron's friends break him out of the asylum, drive off and now we're back at scene 1... at the red light. So by the end, I'm asking myself if it was imagination or not. I guess it's all up for interpretation. Either way, we respect the vision. 

The production for "Off The Ground" compliments the video's creative concept: suspicion. According to Aaron Cohen. "The video takes place in a mental hospital, because the ups and downs of life as an artist can take a serious toll on your psyche." Metaphorically, the video and creative concept goes hand in hand and I'm sure many other music artists could relate. You can pre-order Off The Ground EP off iTunes now. Check out Aaron Cohen's visual above!