Abhi The Nomad - Where Are My Friends EP

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abhi the noamd - where are my friends ep

Abhi the Nomad's new sophomore release Where Are My Friends EP garners such an eclectic indie, hip-hop alternative sound.

You can hear the influence from the likes of Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Aesop Rock and El-P.

Following the debut of his previous track "Beginning" WAMF is a 7-track EP that tells the journey of a lone wanderer and his accounts of awkward social events, fake internet fame, suicide and his self-esteem.

"Download God" showcases Abhi's lyrical abilities as he talks about his experience of walking into a dim-lit room, which is personified as the Internet. "Soul Safety Administration" gives listeners a glance into what it means to go to heaven, and tells them to join the SSA, and touches on suicide. "Anti-matter" is another well-themed track that condemns conspiracy theories and misinformed ideologies alike.

Through dark and broody tones and lyrics, the EP's funky rhythmic patterns and upbeat melodies warms listeners up throughout the unique listening journey.