Action Bronson: "Actin Crazy"

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Every now and then there comes an artist that is able to draw the listener into there own world. Action Bronson has a special way of enticing, and providing a raw form of energy on his songs. Be sure to make no mistake about it, Action Bronson is on the rise with a massive following. The track "Actin Crazy" paints the perfect canvas of an artist expressing one's self through music. Bronson's flow is nothing short of magnificent with the hot delivery on the song.

The New York native is a force to be reckoned with on the ambitious track. "Opportunity be knockin", is a part of the chorus that caught my ear. The songs speaks volumes to motivation, and having to hustle for what you want. With the quality production from "40" & "Omen", Actin crazy is a solid hit. Action Bronson's consistency of putting out music is a sure way to keep listeners interested. With the album "Mr. Wonderful", set to drop on 3/24 true hip hop fans have something to look forward to!!

Watch the video below: