The soulfully intoxicating London songstress, AMA LOU returns with a debut music video for her latest single, "TBC," a smooth melodic journey about the global minority experience. Alluding to the BLM movement and historic mass murders, AMA LOU's "TBC" visual captures the emotionally poignant lyrics of the track, giving us a delve into her day-to-day activities, from jam sessions, to cruising through the city and racing the streets with her crew of eclectically personified cool kids. Directed by Jack Bowden, this visual is astonishingly brilliant coupled with the tracks poignant lyrical content. 

AMA LOU TBC press photos.png

The pre chorus references the infamous last words “I can’t breath,” uttered by Eric Garner, the Staten Island, New Yorker choked to death by police in July 2014. The chorus, which is about the views of those trying to change their environments for the better in “Should it be I’ve lost my way,” is a kind of mockery of the media’s perpetuated projected propaganda that labels activism “crazy”; because they have lost their way and place in society, they need to make noise and be heard. AMA LOU's modern view of the world and her unique artistry is the ushering of progressive artists with a voice and gift to be heard.  

Check out the captivating music video above and let's all wait patiently for more music from the exhilarating sounds of AMA LOU.