Andra Day Has Amazing, Raw Vocals In 'Cheers to the Fall' Album (Review)

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Andra Day's debut album, Cheers to the Fall, via Warner Bros has recently been compared to greats such as Amy Winehouse, Adele but her booming voice can stand all on her own.

Day has had some major players assisting her in this first album, with production credits in her debut album ranging from Raphael Saadiq to Questlove, with Cheers to the Fall dabbling in classic jazz, doo-wop, modern pop and R& B (classic and modern). There’s lo-fi, crackling throughout the backgound that ups the old-school vibe, very Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

While some songs have such a strong resemblance of Winehouse in spots, Day finds ways to show her individuality in vocal power and lyrical uniqueness.

Inspired by an eight-year ­relationship's end, it is very genuinely and intentionally rife with regret. It's hard not to ­sympathize when she laments "I should have known that I'd lose everything" on orchestral ballad "Red Flags."

While the album topic is rather dreary, the songs remain upbeat while successfully conveying that punch-in-the-gut feeling a post-relationship brings to the table.

Vocally, Day is impeccable without being too polished. But at the the same time the production and arrangements are slick: when she gets gritty, (like on the final track Cheers to the Fall), it evokes a '60s girl-group radio pop vibe with the "oohs" rising out of the background.

The best song on this album is by far "Rise up," showing off Day's raw vocals without the need for any kind of instrument for the majority of the song, except for a rare piano spot, "Rise Up," is THE anthem for anyone facing adversity.

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