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Another Win With Caleborate's New Offering, "Hold On"

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In the words of Caleborate himself, "2016, Beware Of The Bay". 

From The Bay with love, Berkeley's Hip-Hop uprising Caleborate continues to win with his craft. Following his very successful EP release, "Hella Good" (which spawned a collaboration with another Bay native, G-Eazy), Caleb returns with yet another audio drop before 2015 comes to an end.

In his latest, Caleb uses braggadocio rhymes that intertwine with the life he really does lead as he raps about how everyone around him succumbs to cliché's & "fronts" as if they know, but in reality, they truly know nothing. What is there to know? We'll let him explain:

Give me what you got (hold on). I'm, finna take your spot (hold on). Cause everybody got something to say, now y'all can't talk no more. And everybody wanna run the game, but y'all aint got no Coach. And everybody think they know me. Naw my n*gga, y'all dont know..