The hustle hasn’t stopped for Artist Antonio Breez, as he strategically released a 4 Song EP dedicated to his female audience dubbed A Playlist For Her. With tons of female participation in his social media , daily fan videos , and Weekly MCM posts Breez decided to show appreciation to the core of his support . Coming Off of the good public reaction of his experimental single “ Service “ , It seems Antonio has no choice but to keep the ball rolling and cater to the ladies . The four song Ep features 3 other singles including , “ Run From My Love “ , “Understand “ and “ cry no more “. All songs have been written by Antonio himself, which is impressive given he is traditionally a lyrical hip hip artist . Production was done by Kazi did it , Synthsei, and Servintano , and the mixing and mastering was done by Ez st productions , and GTR studios. So far the feedback from the ladies has been great. 

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