A'rin Leon, 'Live For It' (Ft. The Hvddle)

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Philadelphia’s A’rin Leon, formerly known as Leon Tomas, is a tremendously talented multimedia powerhouse.

Fans may recognize him from his past work with Hazie Blu as a keyboardist and vocalist, backing local artists including Yufi Zewdu, Cody Kahmar, The Bul Bey, and Osai.

The soul crooner is back delivering smooth, vibrant vocals on a hybrid R&B/Reggae track. This video takes place in a 'boom room' filled with lovers of the night life, enjoying the vibes of the evening. The plot thickens in this one, as the night gets a bit rowdy after feelings flare over a nubian goddess of the night.

"I did my best in conveying a point in this one..." says A'rin Leon. "I wanted to share with the world that if you find something worth dying for in a woman, please live for it, and don't let it go."

DSC_0267 vc 2

Featuring The Hvddle, a local rising Philadelphia Reggae group, puts the perfect spin on it. This record will definitely put you in the mind of Jazmine Sullivan's 1st breakout single "I Need You".Check this one out for yourself, and be sure to watch out for A'rin's new album "Paradox Deluxe", dropping late October.

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