Following the release of his latest single, 'SHINE,' South London's Ash Shakur is back with his full length EP Hare Colours, the second of a three part series of EPs connecting art fashion and music, delving into his creativity and diversity as an artist who designs his artwork, clothing while also co-directing his visuals. From the chilled 'Can We Make It Out' to the funk inspired 'Remedy,' Ash Shakur has displayed an unwavering and refreshing sense of variety from his diverse production, lyrical content, and vivid illustrations.  

When asked about the project, Ash describes it as "an expression of emotions and different moods as each song relates to a particular colour. It represents the times we are in, it's here to create an impact and start conversation." 

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 2.34.06 PM.png

Bringing originality back to music, Ash is filling the void with music and unearthing a new sound for Hip-Hop. Hare Colours  is a refreshing body of work that posits him as one of the standout artists in the British music scene. Stream it above and stay tuned for more from Ash Shakur