Inside the relationship of a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

London's young wordsmith Ash Shakur surprised fans with visuals to his latest single, "Star Crossed Or Not." Co-directed by Frank Ocean collaborator Vasilisa Forbes (A.K.A. girl in green glitter in the 'Nikes' video), the visual tells the story of a modern day Romero and Juliet.  The idea centers around the inevitable fate of relationships, whether it be dead-end or till death do us part.  

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When asked about the track, Ash Shakur said the following: 

Here is a narrative of two Star crossed lovers or not . The theme was created off Romeo and Juliet. The song focuses on modern day relationships and the fact that some could lead to a dead-end or the fear of till death do us part.
Many things factor into why our generation may not always feel the need to get married and be with the same partner forever, for ever ever, for ever ever. I wanted to take a well-known Shakespeare play, give it my twist and flip the narrative around.

The song is open to the listeners to think of what is stopping this couple from being with each other till the end, they love each other but something is always trying to separate them.

It could be a personal experience for the listeners to relate to a situation were they may have felt they have out-grown each other, or friends and family do not agree with who you are seeing. There are many reasons why relationships just cannot be.

I wanted the song to be catchy and the chorus to become a classic line but also have a deep message behind it, one that could start a conversation like "who’s my ride or die?"

Star Crossed or not the not is the possibility of things going right at the end.

Check out the dope visuals to "Star Crossed or Not" above and be sure to look out for his highly anticipated EP, Hare Colours.