Ashoka Drops "Don't Go Here"

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Ashoka is back with his latest single, "Don't Go Here." "Don't Go Here" provides an insight into his lyrical genius and socially conscious message about police brutality and the over activity of violence in the black community. The track is a manifesto of sorts; an anthem and a warning.

From Philly to Brooklyn, NYC Ashoka is quickly making a name for himself with his signature blend of intelligent lyricism and catchy hook work. Having released a multitude of singles and remixes, Ashoka’s debut EP Hard To Gain, Easy To Lose garnered over 15,000 views on HNHH, and his follow up video for “Work” was premiered on ELEVATOR’s Youtube channel. The winner of a 2015 GoodMusicAllDay award for #FreshPick of the year, Ashoka has been gaining more and more attention from both media publications, producers, and labels. With the promise of another EP, and an album on the way, Ashoka is gearing up for a big push in the next year.

Here is what he had to say about the creative process behind the track:

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