Featuring Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000 and more.

A Tribe Called Quest's first full-length album in 18 years has finally arrived. We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service is a 16-track project that includes features from Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Elton John, André 3000, Jack White, and Busta Rhymes. 

Q-Tip announced the album's release date with a note shared on social media on Oct. 27. In it, he said that a group reunion on The Tonight Show inspired the rappers to get back in the studio, where they laid down the "blueprint" for what would become this album.

In his initial announcement, Q-Tip also noted that due to Phife's death, this will be the final album from A Tribe Called Quest. This caps off an incredibly influential run from the group, including the release of the highly influential albums Midnight Marauders and The Low End Theory in the early 90s. This is was Hop Hop in every sense from the lyrical content, to the style and image that we all connected with. We will miss it. 

You can stream the full album via Spotify.