ATR777 - Down To Be Your Man

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Brooklyn-based producer ATR777 (aka Andrew Thomas Reid) has worked with everyone from Theophilus London to Freddie Gibbs to denitia and sene to Blu, to Coco O from Quadron but this time, he's turning attention to himself.

As part of BKLYN1834's upcoming compilation album release, ATR777 is releasing the song and video for the tripped-out song "Down To be Your Man." Based on an attempt to maintain a failing relationship, ATR777's vocal sample for the phrase "Down to be your man" became the loop on which the entire song is based.

The video, which he filmed on a trip to Shanghai, reflects the aesthetics heard in the song with its spacious, down-tempo grooves, and ghostly textures of chopped and screwed vocals.

As the founder of BKLYN1834, a group of seven artists who live together in a Victorian mansion in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, it was ATR777's idea to start a house where creatives could live together and work with each other.

Despite a successful launch of the clubhouse living arrangement, Andrew's world soon turned upside down.

Following weeks of fighting, his housemates asked his then live-in girlfriend to move out. Faced with losing his girlfriend, ATR777 pleaded with her, "I'm down to be your man, just tell me what you want," forming the foundation of the song.