When Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B and British Pop collide.

Fused with a mix of Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B and British Pop, Austin targets the ladies with new single "Don't Hate Me." With 1980's feel, Don't Hate Me lyrics take you through a roller coaster of emotions correlated with a dope constant mid sexy tempo produced by Drew Damen. Prepping for his upcoming project release #ThinklessFeelMore, Austin creatively channels the mood of the single making the audience visualize the music paralyzing his fans into a euphoric coma.  

dont hate me final photo

Hailing for Chicago, Austin Fillmore's major single "Juke"  has been getting major recognition for the past few months with over 20K views and his newest offering "Don't Hate Me,"solidifies is undeniable creative genius and artistic integrity. His creative voice hits the mark with every single and its making major noise not only his city but throughout the country. 

Check out his new single above and stay tuned for more from Austin Fillmore in 2018!