Beach Slang's "The Things We Do For People Who Feel Like Us" is a Picture Perfect Punk Album

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Philadelphia band, Beach Slang are dropping a picture-perfect debut LP album, The Things We Do For the People Who Feel Like Us, with plenty of angst-ridden, garage punk tracks.

This whole album is really an ode to the misfits and outcasts of our present or former selves. While singer-songwriter of the group, James Synder shovels out the disenfranchised and depressed lyrics drummer JP Flexner and bassist Ed McNulty put an upbeat spin on these tunes. No longer in the gutter, Flexner and McNulty pick you up with their pop-punk anthems that lend to pumping fists and carpool sing-alongs.

With two EPs under their belt, Beach Slang has come out with guns slinging (or guitars riffing) for their first full-length album. It's the perfect mix of "Jawbreakers meets Replacements".

There are some incredible memorable lyrics in The Things We Do For People Who Feel Like Us that really get to the heart of hopelessness and lost.

The "Throwaways" is really the epitome of what this albums means to disenfranchised youth and young adults.

"It's a dead end town for trash like us, but I got a full tank and a couple bucks”

It's similar to most punk songs, with its fuzzy guitar riffs and short in length (two-minute and five seconds), but the song is more hopeful, more believable than most.

"Too Late to Die Young" has the same disenfranchised core, but with a much slower pace. This acoustic-driven ballad doesn't make it any less punk. With lyrics like, "Too Young to Die, Too Late to Die Young," you see Synder struggles with his place in the world.


Other memorable lyrics include:

The sound of your heart is wired to break.
Too fucked up to love, but too soft to hate.

via Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas

I feel most alive when I’m listening to every record that hits harder than the pain.

via Throwaways

The Things We Do For People Who Feel Like Us is set to release Oct. 30 via Polyvinyl. For a First Listen of the entire album check it out on NPR music.