Bay Area-based singer-songwriter Berel is proving imminent as a rising R&B artist. Avidly evolving his artistry, the crooner has spent countless hours in the studio polishing up skills as a singer and producer with a knack for creating re-sonating, soulful ballads, and uplifting hits. The self-proclaimed "modern renaissance man" possesses a gift for songwriting that is sourced from his own real-life experience, and draws inspiration from The Beatles, Motown, and early Hip-Hop. Berel's recently revealed talents have already proven worthy of critical praise with media tastemakers such as Earmilk, Hype M, Magnetic Magzine, Triple HQ and more, praising the artist on his stripped-down R&B cover to Xavier Omar's "" and JMSN's "Cruel Intentions," both remastered with Bay Area producer Aabo. 

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Today, Berel and Aabo have joined forces again, this time including Soulection-affiliated producers, Mikos Da Gawd and Mars Today. Curating a mixture of R&B, Hip Hop, and soul, the team of esteemed producers sean up the production with an additional layer of jazz - influences sonic exploration which adds to the genre bending nature that makes Berel a creative genius in his own right. 

During a recent interview with Magnetic Magazine, Berel stated that he's

  "always out to change the world with my music. Even if it changes one person's world, for the better, then I can be satisfied with my work.  

Keep a lookout for more singles, a debut EP, tons of visuals, and lots of live shows coming out this 2018 from Berel.  In the mean time, listen to the electrifying sounds above.