Best Albums That Dropped in 2016 So Far

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The music in 2016 so far has been amazing. There were so many collab projects and solo projects that were REALLY good and we're only slightly more than halfway through the year. So here's a list of the best albums that dropped this year so far:

1. Anti - Anti was a long awaited album and I wasn't expecting Rihanna to dive into numerous genres on this album but she did it and did it VERY well.

2. TWENTY88 - This surprise collab project featuring Big Sean and Jhene Aiko may have been what sparked the flame between the two. Either way, they make really good music together which is undeniable.


3. Views - Despite all the negativity Drake receives on the daily from his haters, Views was a great album whether people wanna believe it or not. Also, Drake tested out the waters with Reggae music, now any party or club you attend they're playing Controlla or One Dance.


4. The Life of Pablo - TLOP had to grow on me at first, but it definitely is one of the good rap albums that dropped this year. Kanye mixed the gospel in with the rap perfectly and the feature choices were amazing.


5. Coloring Book - Chance incorporated a lot of gospel music into this album and in my opinion it wasn't a bad thing. Of course there's your usual Chance The Rapper songs on the album that strays away from gospel so I think this is what balances everything out.

6. Lemonade - Beyonce pulled another Beyonce and dropped an album right after her documentary aired. This album touched on problems in her marriage but it also touched on problems and issues that we're facing in the world right now. Just that alone right there put the icing on the cake.